• Marke: Vinylize

All of us at Vinylize believe. We believe in the power to transform. Vinylize serves to remind people to reuse, recycle and conserve. Each creation is a conversation piece. It makes us all think about how we can continue to prosper in our environment.

While searching for a new material to make eyeglass frames, company founder Zachary noticed his father’s old record collection in the corner of the garage. A light bulb went off in his head: why not recycle this abundant material into eyewear? Three years later, brothers Zack and Zoltan established Tipton Eyeworks and began making Vinylize. The first series were made from communist vinyl salvaged from the Budapest flea markets.

These durable pressings could still be played, even after half a century. To insulate it from the effects of heat, it is fused to biodegradable cellulose-acetate using proprietary technology. After years of testing, we developed methods to transform one of the longest lasting plastics into eyewear. Today Vinylize creates luxurious glasses of exceptional quality on a recyclable basis

From the beginning, vinyl gave the collection it’s distinctive look. The frames are big, thick and rugged. The grooves are an integral part of the design, our signature. We developed a special method to make sure each and every groove is present on the finished product. Every single piece is crafted to the highest standards of quality to ensure that it will remain an eyeglass frame for years to come.

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